Before I get onto talking about watches, let's talk about Christmas and New Years! I mean seriously why does Christmas seem to fly by in a flash. I say that because I've had such a great time and finally a few days where I just relaxed with family and friends without thinking about work, blogging, Instagram or twitter much at all - a rare occurrence for me! I hope you all have also had an amazing Christmas, eating and drinking an obscene amount of food and drink. Now it's the day after Boxing Day and I'm back, refreshed and raring to make the most of 2016 whilst looking at my plan of attack for 2017. 

This shoot was taken during a cold winter morning around St Paul's in London, styled and photographed by the incredible Ella H - with thanks to singer Seljan Nasibli for putting up with me during this shoot!

Today I started browsing online to spend my Christmas present money as I just couldn't face the crowds of Oxford Street or any of the major shopping centres like Bluewater or Westfield. If like me, you are looking to purchase a new watch, take a look at Kartel watches. The watch faces are very classic, simple and uncluttered in design yet with incredible style and very trend focused.

In the first look, shown above, I'm wearing the Kartel KT-HUME 40MM-CVSB-R, but that sounds more like a Starwars robot, so here are a few more friendly details about the watch. As with all Kartel watches, they are totally affordable with this watch retailing at £75.00. The watch strap is black woven nylon which matches nicely with the black watch face, whilst the watch trim is in silver which gives a nice clean contrast to the style. I would wear this watch with anything monochrome, black ripped jeans, leather jackets and white t-shirts.